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Payment Method:

1. Money Gram( go to Money Gram Website, use your Credit Card or Debit Card do it )

2. Paypal (We only accept send money to friends or family, because our Paypal account is personal account, not for business. PS: Paypal payment need pay extra 3% fees, because when we pick up money from Paypal, they will charge us about 3% fees.)

3. Bank Of America ( go to Bank Of America Online Banking Transfer Money to our Account, Or Use Money Order or Check deposit to our America Bank Account, and need pay extra 2% fees. )

4. Bank of China ( go to Xoom Website, use your Debit Card or Credit Card Trasfer Money to our Bank Of China )

5. Bitcoin

If you want to do the payment, please contact me :
Phone: +1(718)-690-9328


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